William Morrow, Esq.

William Morrow, Esq.

Mr. Morrow is presently the managing partner of Morrow and Lefevre, LLC, and was the managing partner of the predecessor law firm for more than eleven years. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania law school, Mr. Morrow became a Montgomery County judicial law clerk and an Assistant District Attorney for three years.

For many years, a substantial part of his practice has consisted of estate planning, and estate administration. Orphans’ Court Judges have appointed him as a Replacement Trustee, as well as an estate Auditor. He has extensive Orphans Court litigation experience in matters such as Will contests, litigation concerning Power of Attorney abuse, and securing the appointment of guardians for incapacitated persons.

He also represents numerous family businesses; some of his duties include either the buying or selling of a family business.

He also has significant experience with commercial litigation and real estate transactions.

When not working, Bill enjoys fooling around with his grandchildren, reading history and biographies, hiking in distant places, such as Montana and Ireland, tennis and rock and roll dancing.

Email: morrow@mttllaw.com